Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Onomatopoeia Poem

This poetry form requires the use of words that sound like what they are. You be the judge of how well I incorporated that into my poem! =)

Bowling for PE Credit

Bowling with my daughter is such a fun experience!
First, you pay the cashier with a swipe of your card to
get your shoes and a lane.
Then off to pick a bowling ball, with a thump and a
heave ho to pick the right size.
They clunk and
clatter as she tries each one. Oh, this one feels
just right!
In the background you hear the other bowlers and it
can be a little intimidating.
The noise is loud and balls shoot down the lane
and end with a clash, a smash, a bang!
Pins falling here and there crack through the air.
And over the top is the occasional exclamation of other
bowlers squealing with delight as they bowl a
strike or a spare.
You must watch carefully, as you won't hear the
silent disgust or the bitter disappointment of a
gutter ball...the sound is short and hollow, but
the faces say it all and a pounding of the air with fists
confirms the defeat.
So there she goes, rolling her first ball down the lane.
She tiptoes carefully, taking a few practice swings to
get her aim right.
Then, lets her RIP! A strike? A spare? A gutterball?
Let's just say... she's done them all!

~Lori Bottomley 2011

I'm a bit frustrated with blogger as it won't get my formatting right on this poem. So far, this is the best I've been able to manage. I have some fun indents that add to the imagery. Darn it all!

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