Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Poetry

I've been participating in a little poetry challenge on one of my email lists. It's really been a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing poetry. When I was in high school I wrote a poem that was entered into a national contest. I was one of only 2 chosen from my school to enter. Over the years, I've written poems to express the deepest feelings of my heart. I remember watching my older 3 children playing in our backyard one day, and instead of getting some chores done, I sat and wrote a poem about how I felt watching them. Tom has been the recipient of a love poem or two from time to time as well. As have other family members. Anyway, these short little ditties I've been writing this week, needed a place to be shared, so I am posting them here for your enjoyment. that I will have them documented somewhere until I can archive them. LOL You can tell what my week has been like just by reading my poems. They read like an intinerary of what I've been doing this week. hahaha Starting with the Sleeping at Gramma's poem and moving forward from there. =)
This is a Cinquain Poem:

Field Trip

A noisy bus

Loud singing, kids chatter

Thrilled my son wants me to be there

Rare times.

~Lori Bottomley 2011

Spring Senses Poem

Spring looks like the dawn breaking out of the night.
Spring sounds like the chatter of children playing tag.
Spring feels like the freedom of going without shoes.
Spring smells like freshly mown grass after the rain falls.
Spring tastes like strawberries and cream.

~Lori Bottomley 2011

The FHE Limerick

Tonight was Family Home Evening
We play games and watch Chuck routinely
Then a lesson for you
From our dad and mom too
Then we end with prayer and some singing!

~Lori Bottomley 2011

A Tanka Poem:

Music from my heart,
is the purest expression
of my love and soul.
When words are not enough to
tell the deepest parts of me.

~Lori Bottomley 2011

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