Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An "I Am" Poem - last one for today =)

I Am…

I am a modern, Mormon woman.
I wonder if I am doing enough to please God.
I hear a voice telling me to be more, do more.
I see the vision of where I am going and it is awe-inspiring.
I want to be with my family forever in God’s presence.
I am a modern, Mormon woman.

I pretend to have it all together.
I feel like my life is as fragile as a bubble, it can fly or pop at any moment.
I touch my soul when I sing hymns of praise.
I worry about my children every single day.
I cry when I see them struggle and go through pain and heartbreak.
I am a modern, Mormon woman.

I understand the divine plan God has for me, for us.
I say “Stand for What is True” and “Be Strong in your commitment to it.”
I dream of the peace and joy found in Celestial Realms.
I try to teach my children righteously and to be a light to the world.
I hope someday to hear the Lord tell me he is pleased with me.
I am a modern, Mormon woman.

~Lori Bottomley 2011