Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heavenly Music

I decided that it was time for me to put a new post on here. Sorry it has been so long! I feel like 2009 got the best of me, yet, I learned how that feels and now, I've decided that will not continue into the new year! So, among the things I am getting back into touch with, is the joy I have of writing. And, since I love music so much, it seemed appropriate to use that as my first topic of the new year.

I love all kinds of music from pop to jazz, classical to broadway...yes, even country! haha I'm not super fond of rap...but hey, I'm old, so that's to be expected right? However, nothing can touch my heart, or bring me more joy, than singing sacred music and hymns that express my deep love and gratitude to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This music pierces my soul and allows me to express feelings that words alone aren't adequate to express. I am privileged to sing in a choir that performs all varieties of music. Yet, when we sing the sacred songs, there is a spirit present that is palpable and real, and I go home feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude. How grateful I am to a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give me the gift of music in my life!

If you want to know about my choir, Resonance Vocal Ensemble, go to where you can listen to music clips or find out when our next performance is.

I found this beautiful video of Andrea Bocelli singing The Lord's Prayer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There is a moment in this song, where I literally got chills and my heart beat an extra beat. I am sharing it here so you can see what I mean about sacred music. Hopefully, this video will be able to stay viewable from here for a long time. I will be listening to it over and over...I promise you! =)