Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wakeboarding....??? seriously?

So, a couple of weeks ago on the 1st weekend of August, I took a trip with Brianna and the youth from church to Roosevelt Lake for a youth conference. We had a great experience together. It is so much fun to be around young people. They have such energy and fearlessness. We had 1 pontoon boat pulling kids on a tube and a water rocket, and a faster boat that gave them the chance to try wakeboarding or kneeboarding etc. It was a perfect set up as everyone got to have fun all the time, no one had to wait around for long. By the end of Saturday, it was my turn to ride on the fast boat. The next thing I know, I am sitting in the water with my feet locked onto a wakeboard and a rope the only thing connecting me to certain disaster! I may be the "gramma" of the group as the kids like to call me, but I managed 5 attempts to get up. This video represents probably the closest to success that I managed....not exactly that close, but hey, it was my first time ever doing anything like this! It was a lot of fun. We had some wonderful spiritual experiences as part of the conference as well and my favorite part was sitting under the stars and just talking with them about the questions of their hearts. They are truly amazing people! If we have a world full of youth as awesome as these are, then we are in very good hands!

Here are a few more pictures of the day:

Makenna made fire! Yea Makenna!

The kids all swimming from the shore...the wind blew our tents all over by the end of the day...stakes and all! We moved them up to higher ground and all was well after a bit of rain and a bit of lightning which also served to cool us down a bit. It was a 112 degree day before that! yikes!

These are just some snapshots of the kids all having fun. They were jumping back and forth between the water rocket and the tube and jumping off the boat just as it was stopping and other wreckless...I mean, fearless, stuff. lol Yes, that is a close up of me on the wakeboard after swallowing a good portion of lake water. And, the final picture is of a pushup contest between the bishop and Devon. Um, out of respect for bishop, I won't tell how it ended. heheh